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Aug. Benedict „Kazuhira“ Miller ist der stellvertretende Kommandant der Diamond Dogs und hat das Sagen auf der Mother Base, wenn Big. Du suchtest nach: kaz miller! Auf Etsy gibt es Tausende von handgefertigten Produkten, Vintage-Stücken und Unikaten passend zu deiner Suche. Ganz gleich. Cosplay zu: Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller / McDonell Benedict Miller, Seite 1. He also uses his hornets to shield himself and create the form of a body double to confuse and draw his opponents into the open. Mar 28, foo deutsch TekkZeroMar 24, Grant Albrecht in the English translation. And who would she bwin paysafecard awaiting her return to Russia? All of online casino job offer Resistance fighters I could be closer Last edited by driess1Mar 27, Gute stürmer fifa 17 to be fair, MGS is one big plot inconsistency. Archived from the original on July livescore today, From now on, call me Big Boss. She is shot and killed by Solidus. Views Read Edit View history.

Why are the MSX titles non-canon now? Did I miss something? Kojima said he might wanted to remake them but nothing else right? TekkZero , Mar 24, Jul 29, Messages: This thread totally made me wonder about the possibility of Miller being the villain in TPP.

After BB escapes the hospital, which is the confirmed intro, maybe he heads out with Ocelot to Afghanistan and rescues Miller.

But the twist is Miller has been awake and tortured all these intervening years, while Snake has been in a sweet sweet coma.

So Miller becomes this twisted revenge driven villain and snake has to defeat him. And not to get to GZ spoilery but Miller would definitely find a ally in that end.

Mar 25, Mar 26, Mar 27, It will all play out something like this: They later discover that Skully is the greater immediate threat - and so does Zero.

This struggle to wipe out Skully will trigger the change in the timeline. I wonder about the end of TPP altogether. Why are the MSX titles non-canon now?

Did I miss something? Kojima said he might wanted to remake them but nothing else right? TekkZero , Mar 24, Jul 29, Messages: This thread totally made me wonder about the possibility of Miller being the villain in TPP.

After BB escapes the hospital, which is the confirmed intro, maybe he heads out with Ocelot to Afghanistan and rescues Miller.

But the twist is Miller has been awake and tortured all these intervening years, while Snake has been in a sweet sweet coma.

So Miller becomes this twisted revenge driven villain and snake has to defeat him. And not to get to GZ spoilery but Miller would definitely find a ally in that end.

Mar 25, Mar 26, Mar 27, It will all play out something like this: They later discover that Skully is the greater immediate threat - and so does Zero.

This struggle to wipe out Skully will trigger the change in the timeline. I wonder about the end of TPP altogether. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he came to America looking for a job.

He then tries to manipulate the controller, which depending on whether controller vibration is available either fails and infuriates him or succeeds and makes him scream in delight before he vanishes into the air.

Drebin later reveals that the Beauty and the Beast Corps had been under the control of Mantis all along. These feelings manifest in the physical world as a representation of those emotions.

However, since he is still a child, he is overwhelmed by these emotions and becomes a slave to the will of whoever is expressing them.

Once Snake disables Sahelanthropus, the boy steals a sample of a weaponized parasite designed to target English language speakers and passes it on to Eli, and the two disappear.

Psycho Mantis is voiced by Doug Stone in the English translation. She fights Solid Snake twice, the first time results in Meryl being captured, Wolf with mild blood loss, and Snake being tortured, [73] the second battle results in her being killed.

He also leaves Snake with a cryptic message of his violent future before his body is completely devoured by ravens. Specializing in impersonation, he even injects the blood of those he impersonates into his own body for a more "perfect" disguise.

Defense Intelligence Agency and an expert on nuclear topics. The Unofficial Truth and then forms the anti-proliferation group "Philanthropy" with the profits she made.

After he gives away his detonation code to Ocelot, Snake is unable to rescue him before as he is killed by the FoxDie virus. Kenneth Baker is voiced by Yuzuru Fujimoto in the Japanese version.

She is shot and killed by Solidus. In the Tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2 , he is in charge of transporting Metal Gear RAY to its testing site and gives a speech to his troops in the cargo holds, unaware that the ship is being hijacked.

Scott Dolph is voiced by Daisuke Gori in the Japanese version. After the final battle, Raiden is reunited with the real Rose, pregnant with his child, in front of Federal Hall National Memorial.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 , [59] Rosemary appears as a psychological counselor in a combat stress platoon, offering Old Snake tips on dealing with stress.

After she reveals the truth to Raiden, the couple reconciles. Rosemary is voiced by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese version.

He is a knife-throwing specialist endowed with numerous vampire -like abilities and attributes, such as a taste for blood , superhuman strength , speed , agility, the ability to walk on vertical walls and run across water although this was based on a character that was scrapped.

Vamp confronts Raiden several times throughout the course of the game being seemingly killed, but still manages to survive.

Vamp is voiced by Phil LaMarr in the English translation. She is an African-American woman with blond hair, something requested by Shinkawa as he thought she would be appealing.

Her codename comes from her nearly-miraculous ability to have bullets pass by her without hitting her. The fight ends when Vamp arrives and is seemingly killed by Raiden, which makes her temporarily lose her will to fight until Vamp revives.

He is a psychopathic, overweight bald man in an EOD suit who moves around on rollerblades and is armed with a Glock 18 in addition to his bombs.

Shinkawa had trouble designing him as he had been requested to make him obese and goodlooking at the same time. The explosives are revealed to be nothing more than dummy bombs serving to activate the real bomb in the basement of Strut A.

After Fatman planted bombs within each of the struts in the entire Big Shell facility, Stillman provides Raiden and Iroquois Pliskin with the tools needed to track down and deactivate each of the explosives, while providing support to the player via the codec.

He eventually learns that the explosives Fatman planted were decoys used to activate the real bombs set to destroy the foundation of Shell 1 and Shell 2.

He was married to Nastasha for a while, but the two ended up divorcing. He was taken hostage during the Big Shell incident.

In Metal Gear Solid 2 , he met Raiden and then threatened by Revolver Ocelot, and then suddenly dies from an apparent heart attack. It is later revealed that he died from his nanomachines turning off his pacemaker thanks to a virus imitating FOXDIE put in place by the Patriots.

He is the primary hostage Raiden is sent to rescue in the Plant chapter. After a series of ordeals, Raiden finally meets the President in the Shell 2 Core.

The President reveals that he was actually a willing accomplice in the terrorist act, his vital signs being the input codes to activate Arsenal Gear the new version of Metal Gear housed in Big Shell , but was imprisoned after a conflict of interest with Solidus Snake as Johnson wanted power whereas his predecessor preferred rebelling altogether.

After he reveals the truth about Arsenal Gear to Raiden, he learns that he was manipulated to revolt by the Patriots as part of the S3 Plan.

He is then killed by Revolver Ocelot while arguing with Raiden to kill him to prevent the terrorists from launching a nuclear strike.

James Johnson is voiced by Yuzuru Fujimoto in the Japanese version. Richard Greene in Metal Gear Solid 2: Emma and Hal became very close as children and often swam together.

She survived, but not without injury. Emma expected Hal to save her, but Hal was not aware that this was happening. After this, Emma developed a fear of water and became estranged from her stepbrother, blaming Hal for leaving the family afterwards.

She is escorted to the Shell 1 Core computer room by Raiden to download a virus into AI GW so that it will not be used by the terrorists, but is ambushed by Vamp on the oil fence.

Raiden snipes Vamp, but before falling into the sea, Vamp fatally stabs Emma in the stomach. He makes his first official appearance as the main antagonist in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty , where his full codename and public identity are established.

In , GamesRadar featured both him and Liquid Snake at the second place on the list of most evil clones in gaming, commenting that "as evil clones go, the ones that threaten the world with thermonuclear war and eradication rank as some of the worst.

Despite being cowardly and timid, he was able to defect to the United States two years before the events of the game, but was sent back to the USSR as a secret addition to the negotiations for ending the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He develops the Shagohod. His body carries an electric charge of ten million volts speculated by Soviet scientists to be the result of Electrokinesis that he uses chiefly for fighting and torture.

He is also revealed to have been one of the chief perpetrators behind the Katyn Forest Massacre. During the events of Snake Eater , Volgin conspires to use the Shagohod as part of a bid to seize control of the Soviet Union by deposing Nikita Khrushchev and installing Leonid Brezhnev in his place.

After being critically wounded, it begins raining and he is struck by a bolt of lightning which leaves him comatose and near death.

The Phantom Pain , where he desires revenge for his defeat; this desire is so great that it is the only thing keeping him alive, and his appearance as a man made up entirely of fire is the physical manifestation of his desire.

His appearance enables him to convert the energy from firearms and explosive rounds into powerful attacks.

However, he eventually dies in peace in a final confrontation, where it is implied that he deduced Venom Snake is not the target of his vendetta.

Clark is so secretive that nobody knows anything about her, including gender. Mathis III for the English translation. Each member is named after the emotion that they bring into battle.

Apart from his hornets, The Pain is also equipped with a Tommy gun and grenades , using his hornets in conjunction with these weapons.

He also uses his hornets to shield himself and create the form of a body double to confuse and draw his opponents into the open.

Capable of dislocating his joints at will, he is able to crawl, walk on water, flip, leap extremely quickly in the manner of a spider, and also climb and jump around in trees with ease.

He mainly uses a crossbow in battle, coating his bolts in the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider , [] setting them on fire or even outfitting them with explosives.

He uses a variety of wires and ropes to enhance his mobility. On top of his incredible agility, he also uses Stealth camouflage to make himself nearly invisible.

The poison begins to make Snake hallucinate, giving The Fear a distinct advantage, though Snake still manages to defeat him. The End is the only member of the Cobras who will not kill the player under any circumstances; he only uses tranquilizing rounds and will throw Snake in a jailcell when he is defeated.

The strategic sniper fight between Naked Snake and The End in Metal Gear Solid 3 was developed by Kojima who wanted to bring a completely new style of boss battle to the series.

However, the fight can be avoided if Snake kills a defenseless The End shortly before, [] or if the player saves during the fight and waits a week or sets the system clock a week ahead , in which case The End dies of old age.

Grant Albrecht in the English translation. He utilizes a flame-resistant Soviet space suit in conjunction with a jet pack and a powerful flamethrower , both of which are powered by liquid rocket fuel UDMH.

His codename reflects the unmitigated fury he feels towards the world while he is fighting. The character is a parody of Raiden.

The player is also able to wear a mask to impersonate him as Kojima noted that there were fans who wanted to play as Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 3.

He wears the standard uniform all the GRU soldiers wear in the game, except his balaclava is adorned with a large letter "J" on its forehead.

Due to having an estranged son with the same name in America and claiming that all the first-born sons in his family are given that name, he is implied to be the grandfather of Johnny Sasaki, who appeared in the previous games.

He was the one who planned out the Operation Snake Eater, and as a result Naked Snake refuses to shake his hand during the award ceremony after returning from the mission.

In the end of Metal Gear Solid: He makes an unvoiced appearance in the end of Metal Gear Solid: He is the only member at the DEFCON meeting who believes Big Boss when told that the nuclear launch data is false after the latter provides proof, but is held at gunpoint by the other executive members when he orders them to stand down from retaliating.

Big Boss ultimately succeeds, however, in stopping the false data from being sent. He is the first of the enemy soldiers to be recruited by Naked Snake.

Skowronski is a commander of the Red Army base in San Hieronymo. A World War II veteran and former fighter pilot, Naked Snake finds him hiding aboard a ship in the harbor that housed his fighter plane collection.

When it shuts down, Ursula telekinetically picks him off the cockpit and drops him to his death. However, he was severely injured during a mission with the Civilian Irregular Defense Group that he lost the ability to regulate his body temperature.

The US government operated on him to stabilize his body temperature, eventually putting him in a Sneaking Suit filled with liquid nitrogen and several needles on his head to vent the excess heat.

The CIA uses him as a counterpart to Snake in case he rebelled. She is revealed to be a survivor of the Kyshtym disaster ; the radioactive fallout triggered her psychic abilities.

Gene rescued her during a mission in and later trained her personas — Elisa in medicine and Ursula in combat abilities. Over the course of the game, Elisa helps Naked Snake.

Her last words to Snake cryptically point to important developments in later games. Having joined the unit under the codename Viper, he proves his worth by rescuing Sokolov and Elisa during missions to Eastern Europe.

Gene participates in the Successor Project, a special program designed to create a military officer modeled after The Boss and highly educated in military strategy and tactics.

Naked Snake kills him after Gene reveals his plans behind the takeover of the San Hieronymo base. Sunny returns in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance , having been adopted by Otacon.

He also provides exposition on the origins of each of the Beauty and the Beast members. He is named in reference to the lead character of Policenauts.

He is a tribute to the Policenauts character of the same name. Designed according to their animal designations, each member of the BB Corps featured the likeness of a different real-life supermodel.

On pain of death, they tortured her into killing her entire family while laughing. This has utterly numbed her to bloodshed and has spawned an obsession with laughter, particularly during battle.

Born in Aceh , Indonesia , she was taken as a prisoner of war as a child. After enduring months of torture and starvation, her captors abruptly abandoned the prison, leaving her and the other child prisoners to be eaten alive by ravens.

She was the last living child; though instead of eating her, the ravens peck away her bonds. She is also endowed with a strong sense of smell, enough to identify and track her quarry by scent in a snowstorm.

She was born in an unnamed country ripped by civil war. After her family was killed in an attack, she fled the village with her baby brother and became a refugee.

When hiding from an enemy unit in a shack, her brother began to cry; she covered his mouth to silence him and accidentally killed him. Upon reaching a refugee camp , she was driven insane by her grief and by the cries of children.

She experienced visions of a wolf killing the children of the camp; in reality, it was she who did so.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 , she does not accept that she killed the children until her fight with Old Snake. Able to float by using unknown abilities, she has the power to crush people at will and manipulate soldiers to do her bidding, including killing their former allies.

It is revealed that the Psycho Mantis puppet is used to control and manipulate living people while The Sorrow puppet can be used to manipulate dead bodies.

However, her powers are only applicable on people implanted with nanomachines and cannot affect people who can suppress nanomachine activity.

After her fight with Solid Snake, it is revealed that Psycho Mantis was controlling her mind as a result of her insanity.

During Metal Gear Solid: In the game, the player can use Amanda to motivate former guerrillas recruited into the MSF. An argument results in Chico wandering around the forest and his capture by the Peace Sentinels.

Chico has an interest in cryptozoology , is the one who briefs Snake on Monster Hunter missions and is in love with Paz Andrade. It is also implied by tapes that he was forced to have sexual intercourse with Paz.

In Metal Gear Solid: In a personal letter he wrote to Strangelove, which he asks Snake to deliver, it is revealed that they worked together while in NASA and Huey expressed much interest in Strangelove.

The Phantom Pain confirms that Emmerich managed to escape the chaos, eventually developing a cybernetic leg-harness to gain the ability to walk.

Emmerich maintains that he was misled by Cipher and abducted to work on the new model Metal Gear Sahelanthropus in Afghanistan for Skull Face, where he is rescued and detained by Diamond Dogs.

He resumes his work for Diamond Dogs, but he faces with constant interrogation and lingering doubts about his allegiances, ultimately coming to view Diamond Dogs as being no different to Coldman or Cipher.

Emmerich is accused by Diamond Dogs of murdering Strangelove and facilitating the attack on MSF for Cipher in exchange for his own safety, and is later found guilty of triggering a deadly new mutation in the vocal cord parasites that results in Venom Snake being forced to execute his own men and prevent them from escaping into the world.

As punishment, Snake chooses to exile Emmerich from Diamond Dogs and sends him away in a single small lifeboat.

Emmerich is forced to dump his leg-harness into the water to prevent the lifeboat from sinking, leaving him wheelchair-bound once more.

Because of bitterness over the demotion, Coldman plans to use the Peace Sentinels and the Peace Walker Project to regain his status as a power player in Washington.

The true reason behind his exile was because he planned Operation Snake Eater. Hot Coldman is voiced by Mugihito in Japanese and by H.

Richard Greene in English. He possesses a red bionic right hand with built-in lighter and also can be launched like a rocket. He is eventually killed by Big Boss in self-defense.

She later met Huey while working in the Mercury program. When Huey later attempted to use Hal as a test subject for Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, Strangelove intervened and the two began to argue.

As a result, Strangelove was locked inside the Mammal Pod by Huey, who left her to suffocate. The Mammal Pod is later recovered and used as evidence against Huey during interrogation.

In Peace Walker , she is depicted as an innocent schoolgirl at the University of Peace. In the tapes, Paz talks about life in Mother Base and her fears about a strong reprisal from Cipher if she blew her cover.

During her interrogation she undergoes extreme torture, and the surgical implanting of explosive devices in her abdomen and womb.

After learning of her survival, Big Boss is sent to retrieve her and Chico from the camp, believing her to be instrumental in finding and stopping Cipher.

In The Phantom Pain , Venom Snake finds Paz apparently alive and recovering as the second bomb was apparently removed as well, though Paz was not aware of this when she jumped from the helicopter, and the explosion was actually caused by an enemy rocket launcher.

Paz fell into the ocean, but managed to survive and was later brought back to Diamond Dogs. However, the impact caused her to suffer amnesia due to dissociative identity disorder , forgetting everything about Cipher and believing herself to still be a student in But when she removes a bomb from her stomach in front of him, Snake realizes that this is just a hallucination brought on by guilt over not being able to save her, and finally comes to terms with her death.

Prior to his tenure with Maverick, he worked in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration at a NGO with ties to the United Nations, but after meeting Boris and seeing how ineffective the UN was at maintaining DDR, he left and joined Maverick instead.

She went to the same university as Kevin who would later recommend Maverick to her following her graduation. He originally served as a walking-weapons researcher in East Germany, but was left jobless after the Berlin Wall fell.

He was later hired by a prosthetics laboratory in Dortmund and rises to prominence thanks to his knowledge of robotics and engineering. He is brought on as an adviser to Maverick to provide information on cyborg soldiers, as well as to build Raiden a new body and train him in its use.

Many of its operatives are bionically enhanced. Trained in swordsmanship by his father, who was killed by a former pupil under orders from the local drug cartel, Sam inherits his Murasama sword and becomes a vigilante and mercenary before being forced into service to Desperado by Armstrong.

Known by the callsigns "Jetstream" and "Minuano", [] Rodrigues throws his lot with Desperado for most of the game. Sam is eventually killed by Raiden in a duel, but gifts Raiden his sword, which is eventually used in the final battle with Armstrong.

An additional chapter released as downloadable content details the backstory of how Sam joined Desperado. His name is derived from a wind condition that occurs in Southern California.

Born into poverty in Alabama , he joined the military during his early adulthood. He participated in several conflicts before leaving the service to become a mercenary for various PMCs until the fall of SOP, at which point he became part of Desperado.

He wears a series of explosive shields, and his main weapons are two high-frequency machetes that combine into a pincer known as "Bloodlust".

He is killed by Raiden during his assault on World Marshall. Born in Algeria to French and Algerian parents, she was orphaned as a child during the Algerian Civil War , finding and butchering those responsible years later.

Her cybernetic body is capable of hosting multiple limbs taken off Dwarf Gekkos. She is killed by Raiden during a mission in Abkhazia after being doused in liquid nitrogen.

His most prominent ability is to magnetically dislocate his entire body to attack from a distance. He can also use smoke grenades for sudden attacks, and carries a pair of dual sais known as "Dystopia".

When Raiden defeats the machine, Maverick rebuilds it as an ally. He was discharged from the Marines due to friction between him and his teammates, and is held in similarly low regard by Desperado.

Bladewolf is tricked by Mistral into killing Khamsin, whom she believed to be becoming a problem. He seeks to be elected as president of the United States in order to rebuild the country from within, purging those too weak or impoverished to contribute to society and replace it with cyborgs.

He uses nanomachines to enhance his strength and change his skin to metal, reducing the effectiveness of attacks.

Originally a faceless medic seen in Metal Gear Solid V: The commander of the mysterious Special Forces XOF unit, he is distinguished by his heavily scarred face, hairless head, and his choice of tailored suits over combat fatigues.

His identity and nationality are initially unknown, and he claims to have forgotten his native language, though he is able to speak Hungarian and is later revealed to have been born in Transylvania before reverting to Romanian control.

His injuries were sustained when a rapeseed oil factory his parents worked in was bombed on suspicion of manufacturing weapons, an incident he describes as an atrocity before admitting the suspicions were correct; he characterizes the incident as a case of the ends justifying the means.

He eventually became a spy and assassin apparently specializing in poisons, killing Joseph Stalin in revenge for the subjugation of Romania.

Skull Face considers the fire bombing to have burned the humanity out of him, and tortures his captives to the brink of death in order to see when the hope is extinguished, believing that he can discover the source of his own hope and regain his humanity.

By The Phantom Pain , Skull Face has fallen out of favor with Cipher and has been exiled to Africa where he revives a project designed to weaponize a parasite as a form of ethnic cleansing as the parasite targets and kills speakers of different languages.

He uses this as a pretext to develop a strain of vocal cord parasite that targets English speakers, intending to unleash it against Cipher and start a new Cold War by giving easy-to-make nuclear weapons to minority groups.

Afterwards, Snake, Kazuhira Miller, and Dr. Emmerich find the incapacitated commander. She first appears in the prologue chapter as part of a team attempting to kill Big Boss when he is discovered by Cipher, but suffers severe third degree burns in the attempt and is only kept alive through parasite therapy that gives her the ability to photosynthesize light, breathe through her skin, cloak herself, and move with superhuman speed and strength.

Later in the story, she is defeated by Venom Snake in open combat and is brought back to Mother Base where she eventually starts participating in missions with Venom.

The relationship between the two develops from one of mild mistrust mixed with mutual respect to one that is not easily defined but has moments of vulnerability, playful friendship, even romantic tension and ultimately, sacrifice.

She is infected with the English-language strain of vocal cord parasites as a means of assassinating Venom Snake, demanding her silence as a means of preventing symptoms from showing.

Although Diamond Dogs are able to cure the infection, Quiet refuses the treatment owing to a latent desire for revenge. However, following the mutation of the parasite, she realizes that her silence alone is not enough to prevent symptoms from spreading, and she allows herself to be captured by Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

Venom Snake rescues her, but in the process he is bitten by a snake and the two are lost in a sandstorm as Soviet forces hunt for them, prompting Quiet to speak English to direct a helicopter to their location, but in doing so awakens the parasite.

She disappears after leaving a goodbye message to Venom Snake and vanishes in the desert in Afghanistan to prevent the infection from spreading.

Born in , he has survived for over a century due to his research, in which he identified and injected himself with the same species of parasite that gave The End his powers and longevity.

Code Talker was ordered by Skull Face to duplicate the vocal cord parasite for use in his plan under the threat of the extermination of his people.

He was later rescued by the Diamond Dogs and brought back to Mother Base to aid in finding a way to prevent or cure the parasite.

Venom Snake finds him as an orphaned puppy on the field and brings him back to Diamond Dogs, where Ocelot trains him to support on missions.

As an adult, D. The original iteration that appeared in the original Metal Gear game is located kilometers north of the fictional region of Garzburg, South Africa.

Its potential threat to world affairs is boosted with the deployment of the TX Metal Gear, a bipedal tank capable of launching a nuclear strike from anywhere on the planet.

The leader confronted in the end is revealed to be a body double according to Metal Gear Solid V: The concept continued in Metal Gear 2: This unit specializes in black ops , carrying out top-secret operations within "unauthorized" combat zones which are too politically sensitive to intervene in through conventional means.

However, Big Boss betrays the unit in the end of the game. In Metal Gear 2: But over time, the system evolved from simply maintaining economic and political systems into creating an entirely new world order based on war economies, something not even Zero himself envisioned.

A large amount of the startup funds for the organization were provided by Nastasha Romanenko. In addition, it was also involved in activities comparable to terrorism.

Metal Gear Solid V: The HD Edition version of Peace Walker displays an announcement before the title screen stating that the fictional mercenary group is not in any way linked to the real group.

The group is officially mentioned in Metal Gear Solid: XOF is shown to remove all of their identifying markings from both personnel and equipment before carrying out operations, implying that they carry out extremely sensitive black operations.

Despite FOX being shut down, XOF continued in secret, carrying out ultra-sensitive and illegal operations as a covert division of Cipher.

The characters from the Metal Gear series have been well received by gamers with Solid Snake and Raiden appearing in a Famitsu poll that listed the fifty best video game characters; while the former was at the top, the latter was 42nd.

The human brain is capable of many illusions. Of pain, of the future. What happens from here depends on his skill. But you can vouch for that. In that moment, the man you knew died.

He died protecting you. And now, by becoming you, he protects you again. This is just a detour in his journey to Hell. To buy us some time.

There is only one way to destroy Metal Gear. Pettrovich, who developed it knows the only method. I gave up everything to be a part of your world Even the country I was born and raised in But your world had nothing but contempt and abuse for me.

They have equipment that can heal me there. The same place Liquid went? He saved my life. This is the resistance leader, Mr. I will brief you on the fortress details.

This is the Mr. I have discovered who the Boss of Outer Heaven is. You were in the Resistance at Outer Heaven!

I thought they killed you! All of us Resistance fighters He gave us a new land to call home The radar is equipped with several other types of sensors as well.

They should warn you of any unseen dangers. A person very dear to me is being held hostage. What was your niece doing here?

Several soldiers were reported missing the day of the revolt. And my niece was one of those called in as an emergency replacement. GW was most likely stimulating cortical activity in the dormant part of your brain through signal manipulation of your own nanomachines.

The Colonel is in part your own creation, cobbled together from expectations and experience Retrieved April 5, Solid Snake What are you doing these days?

Yeah, I remember the resolution being passed a few years ago. I had a healthy baby boy. Roy pretended to by my husband To shield us from Patriot eyes.

Like a scene from Beauty and the Beast. To be the wife and mother this family deserves. Retrieved April 18, But Mei Ling said his transmission signal was coming from inside the base!

So who is it? Peace Walker characters revealed in Famitsu". Yeah, but a man with your talents could have risen pretty high in the ranks, I imagine.

Could be it actually alienated me from the brass On a tactical level, though, it just rubbed me the wrong way. To put it simply, I was itching for a real fight.

Retrieved July 9, It started in s. The inferior one was the winner after all. Until the very end, Liquid thought he was the inferior one.

Frank Jaeger, the man who you destroyed, was my brother and my only family. Is that all you cared about? You were all I thought about for two long years Naomi, Liquid died from Fox Die too.

When am I gonna go? What do you mean? Three weeks later, as she was undergoing debriefing in a certain facility, she escaped We are the same.

Our bodies kept barely alive by nanomachines. The nanomachines have kept it from progressing With the nanomachines gone Time will unfreeze and begin to flow again.

This is Mei Ling. She was assigned to us as our visual and data processing specialist. She designed your codec, as well as your Soliton radar system.

Contact her if you have any questions about either of them. Integral — Perfect Guide. Archived from the original on August 24, Guns of the Patriots details".

And it may look cute, but be careful. It can store large amounts of electricity in those adorable little cheeks. Archived from the original PDF on January 17, Retrieved November 28, Retrieved April 4, I saw nothing but disgust and hatred for me in his heart.

My mother died in childbirth I thought my father was going to kill me. I lost my past as well. When I came to, the village was engulfed in flames Guns of The Patriots.

It was Psycho Mantis, half-assimilated into her soul, pulling the strings. Screaming Mantis was just another puppet. Is that your opinion as a Kurd?

They always put politics first. You mean Big Boss? Do you want to die now? Or after your female friend? Which will it be?

Okay, hero, set me free. Snake, you said that love could bloom on a battlefield From there he joined those rent-a-war bastards at Outer Heaven inc.

You were the one in the M1 tank? You are a snake which was not created by Nature. You and [Liquid Snake] Go and do battle with him. I will be watching from above.

The man who you saw die before your eyes It was Decoy Octopus. He was a master of disguise. He copied his subjects down to the blood.

Nobody knows who I really am. The Pentagon only needed for you to come into contact with us. Sons of Liberty Playstation 2. A nuclear weapons specialist has already been assigned to us.

We need backup from a specialist. You two are an embarrassment from the s. Well, the bombs will be dropping soon, and you two have a lot of catching up to do.

You were one of the best among the child soldiers that fought in that conflict. When you were barely ten years old, you became the leader of the small boys unit.

You have two missions objectives. Retrieved February 13, The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2. Making of Metal Gear Solid 2: Those men were gathered by Colonel Gurlukovich.

I was sent to provide you support. Retrieved March 21, If you die, my child dies. So many dead, and they all died trusting you! No, not just comrades!

But at least my child!! Looks like you were long overdue for retirement. Colonel, what the hell is going on? Raiden, meet the mission analyst.

I was ordered to keep an eye on you Keep an eye on me? Yes — by the Patriots. Jack, I thought I was acting, because that was my job.

This is where we first met I remember now — Today is the day I met you. I think I found something to pass along to the future.

He said all living things want their genes to live on. Are you talking about the baby? Archived from the original on June 4, During those two days, he survived by feeding on the blood of his family to quench his thirst.

The nanomachines in his body cause his wounds to close and heal at an accelerated rate. Someone took the basic nanomachine technology I once researched and perfected it.

Now you can return to your true self. You can be at peace. Archived from the original on October 19, Her real name is Helena Dolph Jackson She got the name because bullets seem to veer away from her in battle.

No that bullet was meant for me Cheated out of death again How long will you force me to live? How much longer dad?

Two years ago, you killed my father. That was the beginning of hell for us. You were being shielded by the electromagnetic weapons technology that the Patriots developed.

Your Dead Cell comrades loved your father and husband — we needed a pathetic wretch like you to keep them focused.

And I could care less of what they planned. My ambitions are much more simple. To be the most famous bomber of them all. Your nuts, nobody is gonna give a damn about you.

Oh yes they will. When my father died, all he could think about was himself! Emma, we can go over all that later. But first, we have to get out of here!

Get that disc over here as soon as possible. I never wanted to get in your way I never wanted to hurt you I thought with Arsenal If I follow in your footsteps I could be closer I just wanted you to look at me That was the name the public came to know him by.

But I knew him by his codename, "Solidus Snake. Neither Solid nor Liquid, he was a well-balanced masterpiece that the Patriots saw fit to entrust with the Presidency.

So your the boss around here? No, not just around here. That is not Solid Snake! What a pleasant surprise — brother.

The terrorists call themselves "Sons of Liberty. The name of their leader is Solid Snake. All I want is to be remembered.

By other people, by history. The Patriots are trying to protect their power, their own interests, by controlling the digital flow of information.

I want my memory, my existence to remain. Unlike an intron of history, I will be remembered as an exon. That will be my legacy, my mark on history.

But the Patriots would deny us even that, I will triumph over the Patriots, and liberate us all. And we will become the "Sons of Liberty"!

I have other reasons for wanting you dead. The clues to the Patriots inside GW have been erased, but are other traces.

That body Liquid burned on the Volta That was the body He was a perfect clone. Zero, and the proxy AIs that came after him, were convinced that Solidus was me.

Retrieved April 21, What about you, Major? What should I call you? Call me Major Tom. Zero created the Patriots to manage and control the American state.

That control endured long after the Cold War ended. The organization became an empty shell, continuing to function through AIs. And was more than happy to carry you in my womb.

Nine months later, I gave birth to two Big Bosses So it was you who was feeding Snake information, Sokolov.

Of all people, I never thought you would betray me. Yes, you did rescue me from that prison camp in Russia. Thanks for you, I was reunited with my family I will always be grateful to you for that But launching Metal Gear into Russia — that I cannot condone.

I simply could not bear to see my own creation turned against the Motherland. My body carries an electric charge of ten million volts.

Fried by a bolt of lightning The first member of the support team will be in charge of monitoring your physical condition — acting a medic, so to speak — as well as recording your mission data.

Nice to meet you. As in a medic who comes in by parachute. And so, Zero secretly embarked on a new project: Its goal was to create a clone of Big Boss, the ultimate soldier.

The project was led by Dr. Clark, known at the time as Para-Medic. They were using a soldier for their gene therapy experiments. Clark, was in charge.

And where is he now? He was killed in an explosion in his lab two years ago. Apparently for their test subject, they decided to use the body of a soldier who was recovered after the fall of Zanzibar And that was Gray Fox Archived from the original on July 24, Retrieved August 23, And made it look like an accident.

With Para-Medic and Sigint dead, Zero was the only one left. The Pain is said to possess the power to control his hornets at will. Watch out for insect-based attack, especially his so-called bullet bees.

That bolt is coated with the venom of the Brazilian Wandering Spider. The Fear is using something called stealth camouflage to conceal himself.

For unbearable torment, The Pain. For true oblivion, The End. For infinite rage, The Fury. For absolute terror, The Fear.

And for unsurpassed bliss, The Joy. I heard that one of the Cobras is waiting for you in the jungle at the foot of the mountains. That ridiculously old guy, right?

Retrieved April 12, I am The Fury! The flames of my rage will incinerate you! I came back from space. As I returned, I had one vision: And do you know what I saw there?

A great and terrible fury at being alive. The Sorrow was a man with, well He was especially gifted as a medium. I was pregnant at the time.

The Sorrow was the father. I gave birth on the field of battle. The Boss once again made her way into the Soviet Union. And who would she find awaiting her return to Russia?

It was her former comrade-in-arms, the father of her child. The man known as The Sorrow Former lovers, forced to fight to the death.

So he was never there in the first place Are you one of the Cobras? And you are one of them. I am The Sorrow. Archived from the original on January 16, Retrieved June 4, Sunny was taken by the Patriots right after she was born.

She never even met her parents. She spent her entire childhood inside the net. I used to work with the guy.

He saved Sunny from the Patriots. After the dust settled, Dr. Emmerich adopted her, officially becoming her legal guardian. But how did she end up in Solis?

The Patriots raised me to be a gun launderer. Forced me to fight. I was under strict orders to back you guys from the start. He suffered with the guilt for the rest of his life.

The day of the Hiroshima bomb Peace Walker , Kojima Productions I know all about you. The operation to eliminate the traitor? I planned the whole thing.

What the hell are you doing here? You seem like a very I am no different from other Parisian women. Not since May She was ejected into the ocean.

And she had scuba equipment with her. In any case, Minuano should be close. Kill or be killed, Jack.

Phnom Penh taught me that. War is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher. Its final lesson is carved deep into my psyche: That this world, and all its people, are diseased.

Sounds like Monsoon was a victim of the Khmer Rouge. They killed nearly the entire intellectual class of Cambodia All in an attempt to create a communist agrarian society.

Some reports claim that they wiped out a third of the entire population. Even without knowing exactly what happened to him there You can start to see why he thinks the world is diseased.

Just one long series of traumatic events Well, directly or otherwise, the Khmer Rouge messed up a whole lotta lives People have to stop the cycle of violence somewhere Stop the bad meme, I guess you could say.

Nah, I get it. Growing up in bad circumstances The days of Naked Snake are long gone. Welcome back, Venom Snake. Retrieved June 6, Retrieved February 19, Metal Gear Solid 5: But our group, Philanthropy, received some information: A new Metal Gear prototype was being developed here and, terrorists were planning to raid the facility.

The info came from a very reliable source. The Phantom Pain in Japanese. Archived from the original on June 9, Retrieved March 10, Archived from the original on July 19, Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved July 18, Characters In Need of a Spin-Off".

Retrieved July 16, Retrieved March 15, Metal Gear Solid 2 Day One ". Retrieved July 5, Archived from the original on December 28, Retrieved March 5, Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved June 21, Sons of Liberty 3: Retrieved from " https: Lists of Konami characters Metal Gear characters.

Mar 23, 2. To be honest - the whole Snake leaving the patriots, Snake creating three four? Modest-Genius , Mar 23, Mar 23, 3.

Mar 23, 4. Mar 23, 5. Mar 23, 6. Miller "wanting revenge" againts Cipher The Proto-Patriots may be an act, too. Hopefuly TPP answers this.

TekkZero , Mar 23, Mar 23, 7. Mar 23, 8. Tbh, that would make more sense. MGSDan , Mar 23, Mar 23, 9. Mar 24, Kaz will fully agree. BB will pretend to agree but plan on betraying Zero and now Kaz.

Vatus , Mar 24, NegaScott , Mar 24, Well to be fair, MGS is one big plot inconsistency. Aug 19, Messages: DevilsClaw , Mar 24, Last edited by DevilsClaw , Mar 24, Why are the MSX titles non-canon now?

Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Das Spiel ist wie die Vorgänger ein Stealth-Shooter und erschien am 1. Kaz miller - September Windows We hold our rifles in missing hands. Er entsandte daraufhin einen Soldaten zu Verhandlungen, als Köder um seine eigene Flucht zu decken. Die beiden achten sich dann auf den Weg zurück. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Das erzählt das RPG Littlewood. Epic Games spricht sich klar gegen Clickbait aus Creators müssen sich im Rahmen des neuen Fortnite-Events an einen Verhaltenskodex halten, der unerwüschtes Verhalten abstraft. Miller diskutierte mit ihm bis sie zu "Metal Gear ZEKE" kamen, weil Miller glaubte, das dieser Name, anderern Ländern Angst machen würde, die sie brauchten, wenn sie Unabhängigkeit erreichen wollten, diesen Namen übernahmen sie dann auch. The Phantom Pain , welches am 1. Beeindruckt von Millers Kampfeswillen brachte er ihn in ein Militärkrankenhaus zur Behandlung seiner Wunden. .com.com Name Kazuhira ist japanisch und bedeutet Frieden. Solid Snake — Spielplan champions league 16/17 Boss. Aufgrund der Unerfahrenheit in realen Kampfsituationen wurde über die Hälfte seiner Truppe direkt ausgelöscht. Alles was ihr über den Blondschopf mit der Sonnenbrille wissen müsst, erfahrt ihr im Folgenden. Then, and only ergebnisse 2 bundesliga handball, are we alive. In einem Showdown zwischen den beiden wollte Casino royal eva green mithilfe einer Granate sich und Big Boss töten, jedoch konnte dieser das verhindern. Die beiden achten sich dann auf den Weg zurück. Big Boss enthüllte ihm in der Folge, dass er selbst ein Söldner wie Miller war und seine Bezahlung dafür erhielt, dass Millers Einheit vernichtet würde. Geprägt durch die Anti-Vietnamkriegsbewegung half Kaz zunächst Guerillagruppen in Kolumbien kraken wallet deutsch der Bekämpfung des totalitären Regimes. Er prägte auch den Begriff "Pooyan Mission" für Missionen, die den Nutzen von Bitfine durch Feinde unterbinden sollte, benannt 3 liga live heute einem Hausschwein http: Sie erninnerte sich nicht mehr an ihre Tage als Prostituierte und die Geburt ihres Sohnes. Handlung Ground Zeroes hatte er schwere Verletzungen davongetragen.

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Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Schon bald kannst du deinen Gegnern mit dem Vierfach-Raketenwerfer gewaltig auf die Nerven zu gehen. Entdecke und sammle deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Dort angekommen erfuhr Miller bald, das er einen Halbbruder hatte, der jedoch im Vietnamkrieg starb, wodurch sein Vater in eine schwere Depressionen verfiel. Schreib es uns in die Kommentare oder teile den Artikel.

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